Full Stack Web Developer

Previously at Dataminr, CNN & Al Jazeera


Hi there! My name is Jack.

In early 2019 I had a bit of a life-review...

I was doing well in digital journalism for a number of years but something felt off. I kept asking myself, "if I could do life over again... what would I do?"

Coding was the answer.

For as long as I can remember I have loved messing with computers. Building and selling them. Doing things I shouldn't be doing with the internet (it was the early days ;) ) and I had always envied every developer I met. I lusted over having the ability to create with my own keyboard.

So I did it... I quit my job (kinda crazy) and went to the Digital Crafts bootcamp in Atlanta.

And now I build things... And it's awesome.


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Twitter Searcher

Monitor multiple streams of Twitter searches at once. Similar to Tweetdeck. Built with an Express backend with React front-end application utilizing the Twitter Rest API and Stream.

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Application built to mimic Tinder matchmaking logic but to match up coders and mentors within a company. Built in with an Express backend, vanilla Javascript frontend and pure CSS styling.

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Find out what the stars are saying about your star fantasy sports player before you pick them! Javascript frontend connected to Wikipedia and horoscope API with pure HTML/CSS index page.

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Kiddy Piggy

Help Kiddy Piggy avoid the grain silos by tapping to jump! Built in Unity with C# and available on Google Play store.


Constantly Learning.

This is what I know today but I'm constantly learning on the job and adding my tools to my belt.
Thank you for checking out my portfolio. There will be more to come.

Contact me on any of the medium below if you'd like to collaborate or meet for a coffee.

Have a great one.

- Jack